Checking-in — 2019/20 ~ News

We have now been closed for a week and we hope all our families are doing okay and adapting to their new routines and situations. I’ve had check-ins with some of the older children through Google Meet and we’ve been meeting each morning as a staff in this way to catch up. This has been […]

Checking-in — 2019/20 ~ News

2 thoughts on “Checking-in — 2019/20 ~ News

  1. Hi! Aoife and Seb here. We have mainly done Joe Wicks at 9am, the Glasgow Science Centre daily videos, Simon Hetheringtons illustration classes (10am Monday’s and Thursdays) walked out with the dogs or played together in the garden, baking (for maths) and aoife has been teaching seb to play chess. We have also started learning some sign language and been doing a little French, and have listened to some of David walliams audio books. Consistently keeping the PE and Glasgow Science Centre and then mixing the other things up depending on how we are all doing. Mum is back to clinical shifts and dad also a key worker so keeping things as chilled as possible around these things. Hope all are well and thank you for all the resources.

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