Loch Ness Monster Day

We had a different day with Mrs Laird in P4/5 today – a Loch Ness Monster Day! We started by matching parts of Loch Ness pictures to form groups and gave ourselves names. Together we discussed what we knew already about Loch Ness and the monster.

Then each group was given information that we had to present to the class. We took notes from the presentations.

We combined some Drama with emotion works and considered what it would be like to see the monster.

We took turns to act as a witness and a news reporter and interviewed each other. Do you like our serious and frightened faces?

We used this and our discussion to write some news reports. Nessie has been causing havoc round about Drumnadrochit!

After lunch, we used clay and continued our creativity to make a model of how we felt Nessie would look.

Finally, we went back to the facts we thought we knew at the start of the day and discussed whether these were true, false or can’t tell from the information we had learnt throughout the day.

We finished the day with a story from one of our visiting authors, Lari Don – ‘The Treasure of the Loch Ness Monster’

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